Desso CEO Pushes Circular Economy: 'Waste Is Food For New Products'

Alexander Collot d'Escury, the CEO of Desso, a global carpet company, talked with HuffPost Live at the World Economic Forum in Davos Friday about the benefits of a circular economy, in which old products are reused to manufacture new ones.

"Using waste is food for new products," Collot d'Escury told HuffPost Live.

Desso, which is based in The Netherlands, itself produces new high-quality carpets from old ones. Or as Collot d'Escury explained it: "We up-cycle waste."

Collot d'Escury is promoting his sustainable business model at the World Economic Forum along with other high-level CEOs. According to the CEO, the circular economy model not only makes sense financially, it also helps the planet grow in a sustainable, responsible way.

However, Collot d'Escury told HuffPostLive that companies embracing the model still face an uphill battle. Changing regulations, predetermined customers mindsets and technical challenges all present challenges.

But not insurmountable ones.

Watch the full interview in the video above, and take a look at the liveblog for more interviews from Davos.