15-Year-Old Student Graduates With Four College Degrees AND High School Diploma

Alexander "AJ" Gilman will graduate from high school on Thursday, but the 15-year-old already has four two-year college degrees.

According to USA Today, Gilman, a student at Arizona Agribusiness and Equine Center charter school, enrolled at the Paradise Valley Community College at just 13-years-old. Two years later, he not only received associate degrees in business administration, science (with an emphasis in mathematics), arts and general studies, but also spoke at the commencement ceremony.

"I would say I'm lucky," Gilman told The Republic. "I've gotten a lot of opportunities, and a lot of people helped me, and I met a lot of amazing people."

But Gilman isn't done with school yet. He plans to attend Arizona State University as a junior this fall, where he'll double-major in business legal studies and finance. Still, he wants his future classmates to know he's not totally a nerd.

"I do not watch back-to-back episodes of 'Star Trek' or 'The Big Bang Theory,'" he said. "That's my story, and I'm sticking to it."



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