Alexander McQueen Faces Another Racial Discrimination Suit

Two black employees filed a suit on Thursday.

Luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen is facing a racial discrimination suit, the company's third run-in with alleged discrimination in less in three years.

On December 10, Christopher Policard and Duane Davis, two black employees at New York City's Madison Avenue store, filed a suit against store management, Alexander McQueen and Kering Americas Inc., the company that owns the fashion house.

Policard and Davis claim they were victims of systematic racism, were made to work in unsanitary work environments, excluded from company meetings, denied vacation, forced manual labor and falsely accused of theft without proof. 

“[McQueen] systematically rejects African-American job applicants who seek positions on the sales floor where they can be seen by customers or positions where they might have authority over white employees, relegating the few African-Americans who are hired to menial positions behind the scenes,” the court documents read. 

The two men are seeking retribution for emotional distress, legal fees and a new training policy for store employees on diversity. 

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