Alexander Skarsgard As Tarzan? David Yates Wants 'True Blood' Star For New Film

Alexander Skarsgard better get used to jungle life. The "True Blood" star may soon become a Tarzan boy for Warner Bros. and director David Yates. According to Variety, Skarsgard is the studio's top choice to play Tarzan in a new adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs famed novel series.

Per Variety, Samuel L. Jackson could also star in the film as a Civil War veteran who teams with Tarzan to save the Congo. (Yep, that's basically the plot; Variety has more details.)

Yates was attached to the project back in August, but came onboard in an official capacity earlier in November. The former "Harry Potter" director replaced Craig Brewer ("Footloose") on "Tarzan"; Brewer was previously tasked with launching what would be a "Tarzan" trilogy.

"It's been a passion project for me for years," Brewer told Movieline at the time. "I grew up watching the old Edgar Rice Burroughs movie [adaptations] on this channel called TV 44 when I was a kid and then in high school, I got into the [Tarzan] books so when I met with Warner Bros., I had a certain idea and they liked it. We're going to see how it works but I really just want to get in there, make a Tarzan movie and bring him back."

For more on Skarsgard and who else was in competition for the role, head over to Variety.

[via Variety]

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