How To Style Alexander Wang For H&M Like You Know What You're Doing

Alexander Wang For H&M Is Actually Wearable. Promise.

We love Alexander Wang and we love H&M. So naturally, when we heard about the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration, we were pretty thrilled. But after clicking through the look book, we were a little skeptical as to how someone without model proportions could rock the collection.

Instead of dismissing Wang's designs, a few Huffington Post editors decided to choose their favorite item and figure out how they would style it IRL.

And, as it turns out, the majority of his pieces are quite wearable (and most easily styled with other black clothing). Though we may not be sporting Wang's faux-leather tearaways anytime soon, we will be waiting in line when the collab drops on Nov. 6 to score a few crop tops and that mesh backpack.

Dress, $99 | Renee Jacques, Associate Viral Editor
alex wang
[Ed. note: The cut-out dress is really hard to get into given the number of straps and the thick, tight fabric. That said, it looks pretty badass once you figure it out.]

Sweatshirt, $59 | Jamie Feldman, Associate Style Editor
alex wang

Sweater, $149 | Michelle Persad, Fashion Editor
alex wang

Sweater, $59 | Carly Ledbetter, Associate Lifestyle Editor
alex wang

Beanie, $29 | Megan Mayer, Associate Style Editor
alex wang

Breathable Dry Dress, $99 | Dana Oliver, Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor
alex wang

Quick dry T-shirt, $34 | Kate Auletta, Executive Travel Editor
alex wang

Backpack, $149 | Julee Wilson, Fashion & Beauty Editor
alex wang

Check out the entire collection below:

Alexander Wang For H&M

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