Alexandra Wallace's Video: 'Genius' Publicity Stunt?

UCLA Student's Racist Rant A 'Genius' Publicity Stunt?

Alexandra Wallace may not be as dumb as she acts. For a UCLA pity admit whose poli-sci career is obviously going nowhere, what could be better for her best shot -- reality TV with a side of B-list modeling -- than a little infamy?

At first, YouTube commenters condemned Wallace's "Asians in the Library" video as the biggest mistake of her life. In a day-after apology letter to the Daily Bruin, she wrote, "I cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did, and if I could undo it, I would."

But wait.

What bad, exactly, has come of Wallace's tirade? Though the outrage was vitriolic Sunday evening, and Wallace even reported receiving death threats to the UC Police Department, all that anger quickly erupted into an absurd Internet carnival of dubstep remixes, hot bikini pics (if nothing else, who wouldn't enjoy a good rage-screw?) and comedic parodies, to the point where her words became a harmless meme that could do no hurt.

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