Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Had Odd Celebrity Moment At Men's Restroom

The progressive congressional candidate told Jimmy Kimmel she gets recognized all the time.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has gained fame as a progressive newcomer who defeated a 10-time incumbent in a Democratic primary for Congress.

But the Bronx-born 29-year-old candidate recounted one encounter to Jimmy Kimmel on his show Wednesday, which illustrated how recognizable she has become.

She also told the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” audience that it happened in an unexpected place: in front of a men’s room at a Cracker Barrel. While you might think that it’s not the ideal circumstance for meeting a stranger, Ocasio-Cortez is here to surprise doubters again.

Watch the interview above. (She begins her Cracker Barrel anecdote at the 2:15 mark).