Alexis Bellino On Religion: 'I Have Brought So Many Girls Back To The Lord'

Alexis Bellino went from being a Maxim "Hometown Hottie" to a star on "Real Housewives of Orange County," and admits that she's spent a lot of money on her appearance to land the fame-making gigs. But the one thing she says is even more important than looking good, is religion -- having Jesus in her life.

"Vicky [Gunvalson's] been on [the show] for seven years," Alexis tells me on my HDNet talk show, "Naughty But Nice." "If you go back and watch the first season, she looks nothing like it and acts different. We all have had work done! Are you kidding me? Anyone who says differently is lying."

Alexis has been criticized for dressing and acting the way she does, while being very vocal about her faith. However, she believes that anyone can have God in their lives, no matter how they choose to dress.

"I don't walk around with my Bible, but I am religious," Alexis tells me. "I believe in Jesus Christ and that he is our savior and I am vocal about it. Sometimes I look back and think, 'Would I have been so vocal about it if I had known about the backlash I would have gotten?' I take in the critics and if it gets bad, I just think about a scripture ... I have brought so many girls back to the Lord because they didn't realize you could go to church and dress like this."

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