Alexis Bledel And Zachary Levi Talk 'Remember Sunday' And Kickstarter

CENTURY CITY, CA - APRIL 17:  Actors Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi arrive at Disney ABC Television and the Hallmark Hall Of
CENTURY CITY, CA - APRIL 17: Actors Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi arrive at Disney ABC Television and the Hallmark Hall Of Fame's premiere of 'Remembering Sunday' at Fox Studio Lot on April 17, 2013 in Century City, California. (Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage)

What's it like to fall in love with someone over and over again every single day? Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi can tell you -- it's the premise of their new Hallmark movie "Remember Sunday."

The film tells the story of Gus (Levi), a man who lost his short-term memory in an accident and finds himself repeatedly falling in love with Molly (Bledel).

"There's a lot of heart in it, which I would hope you would find in a Hallmark movie. That's what they're about ... appealing to people and where they are in life, and those kinds of themes that are very common -- not common as in boring, but common as in we all share them," Levi told The Huffington Post. "And while we don't all share short-term memory loss, we do all share love, relationships and struggling through issues that may be unique."

The "Gilmore Girls" alum and "Chuck" alum took a few minutes to talk to HuffPost TV via phone about "Remember Sunday" and, of course, whether either of their earlier hit series could ever become a movie, a la "Veronica Mars."

"Remember Sunday" has a "50 First Dates" quality to it. What about that theme was appealing for you in choosing to do this movie?
Alexis Bledel: When I read the script I felt like the characters were really well drawn out. They're really great counterparts for each other, and I really cared about what happened to each of them. So that was the draw for me.
Zachary Levi: For me, playing someone with short-term memory loss was an interesting challenge. I loved the idea of falling in love with someone over and over again and what that's like.

I know there's been fan chatter about a "Gilmore Girls" and a "Chuck" movie ever since the "Veronica Mars" success with Kickstarter. Alexis, would you be interested in a "Glimore Girls" movie?
Bledel: I don't know. It feels like such a long time ago to me now, and I love the way they wrapped up the series. I loved our last episode, so I don't know. I haven't heard about them making one recently.

What about you, Zachary? Is a "Chuck" movie going to happen?
Levi: I believe that entertainment is just in this incredible place. I think we're kind of entering into a new chapter of artists, consumers, development, distribution and marketing. Technology has literally just turned on its head, and I want to take advantage of that to create a more direct line from the artist to the consumer and foster those relationships and make great content for people. If I can start with a "Chuck" movie -- because I think that would be a really funny thing to do -- that would be great.

Have you actually talked to the co-creators about it?
Levi: We have a meeting on the books. We're gonna try to get that done ASAP.

"Remember Sunday" airs on Sun., April 21 at 9 p.m. ET on Hallmark.

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