YouTube Star Alexis G. Zall Celebrates Her 18th Birthday By Coming Out

"Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay!"

Alexis G. Zall just celebrated her birthday by coming out of the closet.

The YouTube star has a tradition of creating a video each year featuring tips she's learned and she always includes the same number of tips as years she's lived.

For her 18th birthday, which she celebrated on June 6, Zall offered her more than 1 million subscribers 18 tips, including "the less time I'm on my phone, the happier I am" and "always, always, always invest in nice bras and name-brand tampons." When it came time to reveal her eighth tip, she prefaced it by telling someone off camera, "I'm about to get gay."

She then took a deep breath and announced, "It is totally OK to be a girl who likes girl or a boy who likes boy and me personally, I am a girl who likes girls." She then hilariously added, "did that bitch just come out?" before adorably celebrating the occasion with her friend.

Zall and a friend embrace just seconds after she came out on YouTube.
Zall and a friend embrace just seconds after she came out on YouTube.

After chanting "gay! gay! gay! gay!" Zall also took a moment to make sure her viewers understand that just because she's coming out as a girl who likes girls, that doesn't mean she's ruling out possibly dating guys. 

Regardless of who she decides to date in the future, we're just happy to have her as part of the family. Congratulations, Alexis! You just gave yourself one hell of a birthday gift, and we're glad we got to share it with you.



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