Alf N-Word Clip: Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Alf Mocking Tourette's Syndrome (EXPLICIT AUDIO)

A clip making the rounds on the internet Tuesday features outtakes of "Alf" in which the voice of the classic TV puppet can be heard saying the N-word multiple times.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube a year ago, was picked up Tuesday morning by the BadTVBlog, which says that the clip "comes from a [YouTube] user that bought the footage as a VHS tape off of [eBay] ten years ago."

During multiple takes of a scene, the voice of Alf can be heard swearing several times, and repeatedly uses the N-word to much laughter from the set.

Warning: explicit audio below

The use of the word is an apparent reference to a classic 1989 clip from "LA Law," in which a character with Tourette's Syndrome uses the phrase: