Alfonso Cuaron, J.J. Abrams Team Up For NBC Series 'Believe' (VIDEO)

After racking up 10 Oscar nominations for his space thriller “Gravity,” Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón is setting his sights on a smaller screen.

The award-winning director will be teaming up with producer J.J. Abrams to premiere the sci-fi drama “Believe” on NBC in March. Asneak peek of the upcoming series premiered on Monday.

The duo’s new TV project centers on ten-year-old Bo (Johnny Sequoyah) who has extraordinary abilities she is unable to control as time passes. As the young girl’s powers grow, so do her enemies and her protector Milton Winter (Delroy Lindo) must enlist the help of Tate, a wrongfully imprisoned man (Jack McLaughlin), to keep Bo safe.

When asked if the series would resemble the now cancelled Fox thriller “Touch” starring Kiefer Sutherland during press tours, Abrams has responded that “Believe” will be “wildly different,” according to Deadline.

As the show’s premiere nears, Cuarón continues to make his award season rounds. The Mexican director is up for Best Picture and Best Director at the 2014 Academy Awards on March 2.

Take a look at the “Believe” sneak peek above.



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