Former 'RBD' Star Rejects How Trump Has Stereotyped Mexicans

Alfonso Herrera defended his country from Trump's past offensive remarks.

Actor Alfonso Herrera isn’t happy with how President-elect Donald Trump has depicted Mexicans.

The Mexican actor stopped by The Huffington Post on Wednesday to discuss his role in Fox’s “The Exorcist,” but he also weighed in on Trump’s controversial rhetoric. Although Herrera said he respects the “democratic processes” of the election, he rejected the way that Mexicans were portrayed during the U.S. presidential campaign.

“I mean, I’m Mexican. I feel very proud of my country,” he said. “I feel very proud of my roots. I feel very proud of my nationality and unfortunately we’ve been stereotyped in a way that we are not.”  

The actor feared that the offensive rhetoric spreading across the U.S. signaled the beginning of a “very dark era,” especially because the United States has such a huge global influence. 

“What happens here in the States, it’s going to impact the whole world,” Herrera said.

Hear more from Alfonso Herrera in the video above and check out his full interview here



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