'Fresh Prince' Actor Tries To Explain Why Scott Disick Isn't 'Dancing With The Stars' Material

"Like, he's just a guy who hangs out in bars."

It's a battle of the B-listers! 

"Fresh Prince" actor Alfonso Ribeiro has some fresh insults for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star Scott Disick. 

Disick is apparently interested in doing Season 22 of "Dancing with the Stars" for a cool $500,000, but Ribeiro -- a "DWTS" winner and occasional guest judge -- isn't having it. In a conversation with a TMZ photog, Ribeiro went in on Disick: 

"I neither know of him or care enough about him to have an opinion," Ribeiro said. "He's not a star." 

The "Fresh Prince" actor continued, making it clear that he did indeed know exactly who Disick was. 

"It's not 'Dancing with the What,'" Ribeiro gibed. "'Dancing with the, a Guy Who's Married to a Family Who's Stars,' I guess." 

"Like, he's just a guy who hangs out in bars." Sick burn, Ribeiro. 

But the actor does bring up an interesting point. What exactly classifies someone as a star? In this day and age, it's hard to tell. Because not only are there lists of actors and actresses (A-list, B-list, etc.), there are reality stars, Instagram celebrities and YouTube stars with lots of "fame" that could rightfully classify themselves as stars. 

Is Scott Disick -- who will always be linked to the Kardashian family -- "famous" enough to be on "Dancing with the Stars?" Who knows. Then again, were any of these "DWTS" contestants from previous seasons "stars"?

Scroll through this list of people who have appeared on both reality shows and "DWTS" and decide their star power for yourself. 

  1. Shanna Moakler, Season 3 
  2. Vivica A. Fox, Season 3 
  3. Kim Kardashian, Season 7 
  4. Holly Madison, Season 8 
  5. Steve-O, Season 8 
  6. Melissa Rycroft, Season 8 
  7. Joanna Krupa, Season 9 
  8. Kelly Osbourne, Season 9 
  9. Kate Gosselin, Season 10 
  10. Jake Pavelka, Season 10 
  11. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Season 11
  12. Audrina Patridge, Season 11 
  13. Kendra Wilkinson, Season 12 
  14. Kristin Cavallari, Season 13 
  15. Rob Kardashian, Season 13

To view the complete list of "stars," head here


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