Alfre Woodard Explains '#WhyImWithHer'

The actress voiced her support for Hillary Clinton in an Essence essay.

Alfre Woodard is with Hillary Clinton.

The actress published an essay Tuesday on Essence stating that the democratic presidential nominee is the “best, most qualified candidate” for the job.

“This is a race between a highly qualified, intellectually formidable, tough, balanced, nimble, seasoned politician... and a breathtakingly unqualified candidate who is as ready to be the President of the United States as a broken clock is ready to keep accurate time,” she wrote. “Although to be fair, a broken clock is right twice a day, which is far more often than Donald Trump is right.”

Woodard’s commentary came following her September interview with People Now, in which she made a plea for racial justice in America. In her essay, the “Luke Cage” actress wrote that Clinton’s political experience will only help America.

“Hillary Clinton knows a great deal about how to address the increasing corruption in our politics, and I am confident that she will, for example, put forward Supreme Court nominees who will address the catastrophic Citizens United decision, which has done so much damage to the way decisions get made in Washington,” she wrote.

“And once she’s elected, we can count on her administration to implement reforms that will restore the faith of the American people in the political process, no matter what state, or party, they belong to,” she added.

Woodard joins a long list of female celebrities, including Tracee Ellis Ross, Michelle Williams, America Ferrera and Uzo Aduba, who have shared their support to the EMILY’s List series.

Read Alfre Woodard’s #WhyI’mWithHer essay in its entirety here.



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