Alfred Bosch, Spanish Parliament Member, Expelled From Debate After Speaking English (VIDEO)

When in Spanish parliament, it's best to do as Spanish parliament members do and speak Spanish. Well, most of the time, at least.

The Republican Left of Catalonia party's Alfred Bosch decided to push the bounds this week and began speaking in English to bolster his remarks on a trilingual education decree that was recently introduced in the Balearics Islands. However, it seems Speaker of the House Celia Villalobos did not appreciate his change in language.

Footage from Monday's session shows Bosch getting expelled from chambers after he used the discussion of an anti-corruption bill to voice his disapproval of the linguistic decree. The edict requires students in the Balearics learn Spanish and English, in addition to Catalan, which is currently taught in schools on the islands.

"While we're on the subject of corruption, the ruling Popular Party has imposed, without any form of dialogue, a deceitful language decree using the trilingualism hook to crush the schooling system and the Catalan language," Bosch, who represents the autonomous community of Catalonia's pro-independence party, started in Spanish, according to Spain's The Local.

"The Kingdom of Spain has some problems with freedom," he then continued in English.

However, Bosch did not get very far before he was cut short. Villalobos complimented the parliament member on his English before reminding him of the topic currently up for debate.

When Bosch began to argue with the speaker, questioning why students in the Balearics can use English and members of Parliament cannot, he was promptly kicked out.

Watch Bosch's expulsion from Spanish Parliament in the video above.



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