Millionaire NFL Running Back Alfred Morris Rides Bike To Work

Washington's Morris has a tight ride.

Washington running back Alfred Morris doesn't have to ride a bike to work.

This season, he's scheduled to make over $1.5 million, according to Spotrac, and he's due to make millions more when he hits NFL free agency next offseason. Boasting an average salary of $555,775 through the first three years of his NFL career, the 26-year-old cow bell running back can certainly afford a fleet of luxury vehicles. 

But sometimes, biking is just better. 

While Morris' millionaire colleagues toil away at $2-per-gallon gas stations and pump harmful carbon emissions into our atmosphere, he's out here grinding on his bike, getting in a quick sweat before heading into work. He could take his 1991 Mazda named "Bentley" out for the drive, but this crisp white-and-red bike is much fresher. 

By biking to team facilities, Morris joins a growing trend of American workers choosing to commute to work on a bike. According to U.S. Census Bureau data from 2014, bicycle commuters have increased 60 percent over the past decade.

As more American commuters choose biking over driving, Morris' city, Washington, D.C., has made itself more rider-friendly. In May, Time named Washington, D.C. as one of the "best cities for biking to work," noting its bike-sharing program (the first of its kind in North America) and vast amounts of bike parking spots and protected bike lanes. Currently, 4.5 percent of commuters in Washington are bicyclists, according to Time. 

Welcome to the 4.5 percent, Alfred Morris. Bike on.


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