Ali Ahmed, First Grader In Egypt, Excoriates Muslim Brotherhood (VIDEO)

WATCH: 12-Year-Old Egyptian Boy Excoriates Muslim Brotherhood

This 12-year-old Egyptian boy just put all of America to shame.

In a video interview with Egyptian news outlet El Wady, first grader Ali Ahmed delivers an incredibly precocious condemnation of the Muslim Brotherhood that will leave you speechless.

Touching on topics like Egypt's wealth inequality, lack of rights for women, and oversize influence of religion on politics, Ahmed's articulate censure of the Egyptian government -- although filmed back in October -- is more apt now than ever, as the military removed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi from power on Wednesday, just one year after he was elected to office.

While some Reddit commenters have questioned whether the interview was improperly translated or may have been staged, Arabic-speaking commenters say the translation is accurate, and the boy's evident passion in speaking suggests his tirade was not scripted.

Click the video above to watch Ahmed's dazzling takedown of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Clarification: Ali Ahmed is in the 1st grade of preparatory school (middle school) in Egypt, which is the equivalent of 6th or 7th grade in the U.S. (h/t Revolutionary2012 on Reddit)

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