Ali Wentworth Is Ready To Talk About Postmenopausal Sex

Ali Wentworth has yet to go through menopause, but the 49-year-old wants to open the air waves for honest conversation about it in advance.

"I'm a big advocate of women's sexual health and my feeling is, we should discuss everything," she told HuffPost Live's Caitlyn Becker. "I know men that pop Viagra like breath mints and we talk about that, but then no one ever talks about women's sexuality after a certain age. It's fine to have a girl in roller skates talking about tampons, but god forbid we have a dry vagina -- mine's not dry, just for the cute camera men out there."

The comedian had been unaware of menopause's sexual effects until she saw an ad featuring "beautiful women in their sixties," with a postscript stating that they were experiencing "painful" postmenopausal sex.

"I thought 'holy crap. I had a lot of painful sex in my teens, don't tell me it's gonna happen again!'" she recounted. But more than that, it alerted her of something she'd not previously known.

"Nobody talks about it," she lamented. "I didn't know [about these effects.]"

The mother of two -- and wife to George Stephanopoulos -- said she believes that, as her character in the Nancy Meyers film "It's Complicated" declared, if you don't keep having sex, "it" will close up.

When asked if she had ever dreamed she'd have the opportunity to talk lady parts opposite the legendary Meryl Streep, her co-star in the film, she admitted that the excitement wasn't lost on her.

"I hoped!" she said. "One can only hope!"

But Wentworth insists her vajayay-talk didn't end with Streep.

"I've talked vaginas with a great many Oscar winners," she added. "It breaks the ice at a cocktail party."

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