Why Ali Wentworth's Fame Has Nothing To Do With Her Success (VIDEO)

Actress Ali Wentworth knows what it takes to achieve lofty goals.

By the time she was in her twenties, she had launched her television career on "In Living Color" and started earning a respectable income. However, to Wentworth, success means much more than the numbers on her paycheck. On a Nov. 15 HuffPost Live segment, she told host Marc Lamont Hill that how you live your life is the true measure of accomplishment.

"I define success not financially or if you're in Us Weekly, I define it by the quality of life," Wentworth said. "My family and friends is how I look at success."

Wentworth also mentioned the importance of impacting others in order to maintain a fulfilling life. She considers giving back to be a major component of personal success.

"I also think that if you're a successful person you're a spiritual person, a person that does give back to your community [and] a person that cares about the world," she said.

Watch the clip above for more on Ali Wentworth's definition of success, and check out the full segment over on HuffPost Live.

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