Asians Really Leaned In To Their Ali Wong Costumes This Halloween

Some people went to great lengths to ensure “Baby Cobra” authenticity.

Comedian Ali Wong skyrocketed to fame this spring with “Baby Cobra,” a Netflix comedy special that featured profanity-laced takes on topics like motherhood, sex and the importance of ensuring an early retirement.

Wong’s stand-up ― which included bits about miscarrying twins with her Harvard-grad husband and the difference between “Fancy Asians” and “Jungle Asians” ― inspired Asian women (and some men) to dress up as Wong for Halloween ― striped dress, red glasses, pregnant belly and all.

The unapologetic comedian loved every bit of it.

Over the weekend, Wong reposted photos of more than a dozen of her favorite impersonators. And we have to admit, they were spot-on.

Wong is well known for her jokes about about femininity and the pitfalls of modern dating. In “Baby Cobra,” she encourages women to find an Ivy League husband and swap “leaning in” with “lying the fuck down.”

“Housewives don’t have to shit in the office. Housewives get to shit in their house,” the seven-and-a-half-months pregnant comedian and writer for ABC’s “Fresh Off The Boat” explained in the Netflix special.

Most people know that I’m joking,” Wong previously told The Washington Post of her “anti-feminist” routine. “But I think most working women can also identify with the desire to not work anymore and the resentment of having to work.”

Check out more fan tributes to Wong below, selected by Baby Cobra herself.

3 of them! #happyhalloween

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