Ali Wong's Pants-Off Recreation Of UCLA Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi's Routine Is A 10

The comedian shared a "tribute" to the UCLA gymnast's routine on Instagram, with her husband as a special guest.

On the heels of UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi’s epic floor routine at the Collegiate Challenge in Anaheim, California, over the weekend, comedian Ali Wong brought her own rendition of the performance to Instagram.

The “Hard Knock Wife” star shared a hilarious video of herself wearing a long-sleeved shirt and underwear, doing some, uh, gymnastics moves. Wong, a graduate of UCLA herself, explains in the caption that her video is a “tribute” to Ohashi.

While Wong flails, her husband lounges on the couch and appears not to even notice what she’s doing. (He’s the low-key star of the video.)

In case you missed Ohashi’s routine, the 20-year-old performed a stomach-flipping minute-and-a-half routine that featured some of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.

The moves earned her a perfect 10 from the judges and ultimately helped deliver a victory to the UCLA women’s gymnastics team. You can watch her entire routine below: