Cheetah Print-Wearing Ali Wong Mini-Me Throws Down On The Dance Floor

We're screaming.

Looks like Ali Wong has a mini-me, and she’s a BAWSS on the dance floor. 

Inspired by the comedian’s new Netflix special “Hard Knock Wife,” which premiered on Sunday, 12-year-old Nicole Laeno burned down the dance floor with her routine to Bruno Mars’ “Finesse” (Remix) ― all the while wearing Wong’s signature cheetah print dress and quirky red frames. 

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She S L A Y E D, amirite? 

Nicole’s talents were even recognized by the fierce comedy queen herself, who shared the dance routine on her personal Instagram account. And that means a lot ― after all, Wong is somewhat of an expert on breakin’ it down, herself. 

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Now, can these two do a collab?