This Spot-On Ali Wong Stand-Up Parody Is A Labor Of Love

"I didn't want more kids. But Netflix said I had to be pregnant. And mama gotta make more money." 不不不

We need to lie down.

New York City comedian Joon Chung released a belly-laugh-inducing Ali Wong parody entitled Third Trimester, a clip that imagines what Wongs third Netflix special would look like.

Honestly, if Wong has a follow-up special that looks anything like this one, were so in.

I didnt want more kids. But Netflix said I had to be pregnant. And mama gotta make more money, Chung says into his mic, cackling. #Ded.

For the video, Chung who co-wrote the piece with Manny Rondon and Michael Bryk nails Wongs raunchy punchlines and shameless dance moves. Hes even got an outfit worthy of becoming next years Halloween costume for every Asian-American chick out there.

Chung told HuffPost that, after noticing Wong was pregnant for both of her comedy specials, the parody was just staring me right in the face. The rule of three!

Ali in those specials is such a character. Her dress! Her dance moves! Her stories about eating butt! he said. If I only hit two out of three of those, people wouldve still laughed. Thats credit to Ali for making her comedy so distinct and funny.

Chung also said that with Wongs rise and visibility in the entertainment space, he felt that theres finally someone from this generation I can impersonate.

Im just glad we now have an updated Asian reference in pop culture who isnt a vicious dictator, he said.

To be clear, the parody was made out of serious love for Wong. Chung first watched Wongs standup at a New York bar show when he began his own comedy career. Back then, he says, she was a force and has since loved her specials as well.

As a Wong fan, he has a special shoutout for the beloved creator of the #traphisass method.

Ali, thank you for being who you are, Chung said. Thank you for telling the world Asian men are sexy AF. And thank you for the laughs. Hope to work with you one day!