Ali Wong Visits Zoo, Comes Up With Hilarious Metaphor For New Motherhood

“Primates are all the same,” the comedian said in the caption of her brilliant post.

It seems the woes of motherhood are way more universal than one may think.

Comedian and mother Ali Wong recently took a visit to the San Diego Zoo and was struck by the behavior of a pair of siamangs with a new baby.

On Tuesday, the 37-year-old “Baby Cobra” standup decided to share her hilarious thoughts on their parenting skills on Instagram, captioning the video: “Primates are all the same.”

While observing the female siamang with her baby, Wong can be heard saying:

“This is a perfect depiction of what new motherhood is like. She’s breastfeeding her new baby, and then the dad … “

Wong then pans to another siamang, which the zoo confirmed was the female’s mate, lazily laying on his back, doing absolutely nothing.

 “[Is] just being a dad.”

As for Wong’s husband, he can often be seen in the comedian’s social media accounts, striking a very similar pose.