'Alias' Reboot? Jennifer Garner Open If J.J. Abrams Is On Board

Jennifer Garner is up for an "Alias" reboot!

In a new interview promoting her film "The Odd Life of Timothy Green," Garner revealed she'd be on board for an "Alias" reboot with one condition: J.J. Abrams' involvement.

"I don’t see him turning around and rebooting 'Alias' anytime soon," Garner told Bruce Fretts of The Fretts On Film blog. "If he did it and he was involved, I'm sure the rest of us would sign right up. We had a blast making that show and we're all still super close, so I'm sure you would find an eager group of participants right there."

Garner starred on "Alias" as Sydney Bristow from 2001-2006 on ABC. The series launched Garner's career and also featured Michael Vartan and Bradley Cooper. In 2010, E! Online reported ABC was in early stages of rebooting the series sans certain plots, like Rambaldi prophecy.

Garner might be game for a reboot, but she's never seen the whole series.

"One night I ran across an episode of 'Alias' and it was the weirdest thing," Garner told Moviefone. "A lot of episodes maybe I saw but I was so busy at the time, I don't think I even saw them all. Someday I want to go back and watch them. I felt like I was watching a different person. I didn't know what I was talking about, I kind of remembered the outfit but I started speaking another language that I didn't remember learning and then I did a fight I didn't remember. It was crazy."