'Alibi' Aftershave Designed To Hide Strip Club Smells (VIDEO)

'Alibi' Aftershave Designed To Hide Strip Club Smells

Thanks to groundbreaking innovation in the aftershave industry, men making excuses about their strip clubs visits can now have smells to back them up.

Metro reports that Mavericks strip club in South Africa has launched a line of "Alibi" aftershave products designed to make men smell the way they would if their excuses for staying out late were actually legit.

"My Car Broke Down," for example, smells like fuel, burnt rubber grease and steel, according to Metro.

But Margy Bons of Operation Homefront told KNXV the cologne is unlikely to keep women from sniffing out the truth.

"If he's coming home at 1 o'clock in the morning, I don't care. You can wear Alibi all you want, we're still gonna have to look for that alibi," Bons told the station.

Also doubtful of the product's usefulness, JOE's Amy Wall notes that other, more traditional options are already available to sneaky men.

"Apparently people would actually wear an aftershave that smells like burnt rubber," Wall wrote. "We wonder why they wouldn't just take a shower instead?"

Good advice, especially considering that, as Fark points out, even if the cologne does work, there's still no getting rid of all that glitter.

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