Alice Svensson, Swedish Girl, Struck By Lightning Twice In Shower

They say lightning doesn't strike the same place twice, but Alice Svensson might beg to differ.

Svensson, 12, was struck by lightning twice while taking a shower in her home in Gothenburg, Sweden, The Local reports.

Following a family dinner, Svensson took a shower in the basement. Her parents say they heard their daughter scream after two bursts of thunder erupted outside.

According to the publication, Svensson screamed again when her mother, Cecilia, entered the bathroom and found her clutching the metal shower hose.

According to UPI, the two lightning strikes surged through the home's plumbing:

"Cecilia Svensson called an expert on the radio who explained what had happened -- lightning struck the house and traveled through the pipes to the shower hose the child was using."

Alice isn't the only unlucky one. A few days ago, eight people were injured by lightning at SeaWorld's Discovery Cove water park in Orlando.

Like Alice, however, none of their injuries were life-threatening.