Here's The Bisexual Rock Anthem You Didn't Know You Needed

Singer Alicia Champion calls "Bi" an "homage to the human race."

California-based singer-songwriter Alicia Champion is back with an “unapologetic” rocking ode to bisexuality that’s the perfect anthem for Bi Visibility Day, which is celebrated Sept. 23.  

The music video for “Bi” sees Champion, 35, cavorting with men, women and other performers from all over the gender spectrum, including transgender activist and adult film producer Buck Angel

The song’s lyrics are a cheeky take on Champion’s bisexuality. “This isn’t a game for some boyfriend/I love them all the same, this is my problem,” she sings. “My, my, my, I’m so bi/I can’t stop my wandering eye.” 

Last December, the singer-songwriter put a cute, same-sex spin on a holiday classic in the video for “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” with her wife, Danielle LoPresti, and 4-year-old son, Xander. At the time, LoPresti told HuffPost that they wanted to show that families come in “all different colors and formations.”

As for “Bi,” Champion said the new song was “birthed from a need.” Although bisexual characters have gotten greater exposure in films and on television in recent years, she believes general discussion around bisexuality remains minimal. 

“Members at large of both straight and LGBT communities still do not validate bisexuality, reducing it to a phase, [a] game or straight male fantasy,” she said. “I wanted to unabashedly claim power in that because all too often women are shamed for being sexual beings, while men are revered for the same thing.”

Ultimately, Champion hopes the all-inclusive message of “Bi” extends beyond the bisexual community, noting, “It’s an homage to the human race, and I hope the diversity in this video showcases that effectively.”



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