Alicia Moore Missing: Texas Police Search For Schoolgirl Who Vanished After Exiting Bus

Police in Texas are concerned for the safety of a Greenville teen who has been missing since last week.

The last confirmed sighting of 16-year-old Alicia Chanta Moore was Friday afternoon, when she got off the school bus. She was reported missing the following morning.

According to Greenville police Chief Dan Busken, officials at Greenville Independent School District have reviewed campus surveillance camera footage that shows Moore exit the school bus safely near her home at the corner of Bourland and Walnut streets at 3:25 p.m. Friday. What happened to the teen after her drop-off remains a mystery.

Authorities said they have interviewed Moore's friends and teachers. It's yet unclear what they learned from the interviews. The school district's technology department has also attempted to trace the location of Moore's school-issued iPad, however officials said the device has been reset.

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Without knowing whether Alicia Moore ran away or was abducted, investigators say they must examine both possibilities simultaneously.

Moore is described as an African American female, 5'1 tall and 97 pounds. She has medium-length black hair, brown eyes, and wears braces. She was last seen wearing a white shirt with a black undershirt, a green jacket, pink headband and black glasses, earrings and a necklace and was carrying a black backpack.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Alicia Moore is urged to contact the Greenville Police Department at 903-457-2900.

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