Alicia Keys And The No Makeup Ok Just A little Movement

”If you’re going to do something don’t half ass it, use your full ass!” By now you’ve heard about Alicia Keys’ vow to not wear makeup. For her going sans makeup was empowering, freeing and she wanted other women to have that same experience. This had the internet torn between “Yay, you go girl!”, “ Who cares?” and “Girl what?.” Even though apparently she wasn’t exactly true to the no makeup movement herself. Yes, it turns out Alicia Keys definitely wears a little something to enhance her features (no surprise). Do I care about how much makeup someone wears? No, but if you’re going to make a big deal about this so-called freeing experience of showing your true self then why not commit to it 100 percent. Alicia Keys is a gorgeous woman with flawless skin and she’s black so you know she’s aging like wine. I don’t think she understands that she inspired women who don’t have the luxury of fancy skin care treatments on exotic islands to share bare faced photos with the world. Women who aspire to not have to depend on products for their confidence. So on one hand, thank you Alicia, it probably was a very freeing experience for those women. On the other hand, YOU LIED. Alicia even had Tamron Hall on national tv wiping off her makeup meanwhile grinning with her little enhanced look.

In my opinion, I feel there is definitely a place for this movement. As the beauty industry grows makeup seems to attract everyone and their mother (and sometimes their fathers too). This has created insecurities and people who don't feel beautiful without a beat face. Even worse than that, women who don't just enhance their natural beauty however, spend an hour transforming into completely different people every day. So the whole embracing what's yours is indeed a dope idea. However, don't leave these women with acne scars and hyperpigmentation out here meanwhile, you still use your makeup artist for light work. Bye Alicia!

If you wanted to lead the way in helping women love themselves bare-faced and imperfect then lead by example. I'm not surprised that your no makeup look is really a no makeup makeup up look but if that was your plan you could've kept this whole thing to yourself. I find no issue with you still wanting a little eyebrow powder and maybe a little bronzer but honey words mean things and you don't qualify for your own movement.

Ok we still love you girl, just say what you mean and mean what you say!

What do you think about the No Makeup, Ok Just A little Movement?

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