Alicia Keys For Reebok 'Live With Fire Project', Singer Talks Workout Motivation & More (VIDEO)

Although Alicia Keys is currently crisscrossing the country and the globe on her "Set The World On Fire" tour, the 32-year-old star made time to open up about how she stays in such fabulous shape in a video for Reebok's "Live With Fire Project."

Lest you believe that it's a piece of cake for the Grammy Award-wining singer and mother to 2-year-old son, Egypt, to get in workouts--think again. Alicia reveals that it's a struggle for her to get up in the mornings.

"I'm laying in bed for a good 15 or 20 minutes and I'm just trying to convince myself that I can do it. Some days I fail and I turn around and go back to sleep--and I get my extra 10 minutes."

However, most days she succeeds and gets in 50 situps and 50 pushups before and after she showers. The video also shows the "Girl On Fire" singer jogging and rehearsing dance moves--all while wearing kicks from her signature Reebok collection, of course.

We're just glad we aren't the only ones that need motivation to hit the gym. And one look at Alicia's smokin' hot, sheer dress and sparkly jumpsuit-wearing body is definitely the push we need.

Check out Alicia's "Live With Fire Project" video above and her stunning style evolution in the slideshow below.

Alicia Keys' Style Evolution