Alicia Keys Calls Out 4-Year-Old Son For Adorably Flirting With Taylor Swift

4-year-old Genesis is "trying to take Taylor out later tonight," Keys joked as her son and Swift shared a moment at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

That little heartbreaker. Alicia Keys’ 4-year-old son Genesis adorably flirted his way into the spotlight at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on Thursday.

The lad, in the lap of father Swizz Beatz, couldn’t keep his eyes off Taylor Swift, who was sitting one seat away, and the two exchanged glances, smiles and waves.

Keys noticed the connection on stage as she accepted the Innovator Award.

“My son, Genesis, I think is maybe trying to take Taylor out later tonight,” she joked. “He’s working on it. I’m not sure how it’s gonna go, but it looks pretty good right now.”

Swift won Best Music Video for “Delicate” and Tour of the Year. And it looks like she won herself a fan in Genesis.