Fusion Host Alicia Menendez Talks About Absurd Facebook Stickers

Fusion host Alicia Menendez had a hilarious rant at the top of “Come Here, Say That” Tuesday. The topic: nonsensical Facebook stickers.

“Facebook stickers, they are so weird. What are they trying to say?” Menendez said. “One day, life makes sense. The next, there’s Hamcat.”

She rattled off some of the odder decals the social network thinks its users need for self-expression:


A smoking avocado
smoking avocado

A pooping onion
pooping onion

An egg being cooked to its death

“Why Facebook, why?” Menendez said. “I’m trying to lean in and understand but every time I do there’s a turd strangling itself with toilet paper.”

How's your day going?

pooping toilet