Alicia Silverstone Goes Full-On 'Clueless' In Her TikTok Debut

The actor recreated one of the 1995 teen comedy's scenes — and dropped a classic Cher Horowitz catchphrase — upon joining the video-sharing platform.

Alicia Silverstone ― and, by extension, Cher Horowitz ― is already a hit on TikTok.

The actor on Saturday joined the video-sharing platform with a recreation of an iconic scene from “Clueless.” In her debut clip, she appears in a replica of the yellow plaid blazer seen at the start of the 1995 classic as No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” plays in the background.

“Ugh! As if,” Silverstone proclaims, shoving away a teenage boy as in the original film. This time, however, the dismissed teen is played by her real-life 10-year-old son, Bear.


Ugh! As if... I wouldn't join TikTok. 😉💛😘 #Clueless #AsIf

♬ Ugh... As if - Alicia Silverstone

Fans certainly approved of the TikTok tribute. As of Monday afternoon, the clip had received over 6 million likes, while Silverstone’s account had garnered more than 1.6 million followers.

Check out the original scene below for comparison:

For “Clueless” devotees, the video might be the closest they get to a modern take on the movie for a while. Last month, it was announced that the NBC streaming service Peacock had scrapped plans to revive the film as a mystery series focusing on Cher’s best friend, Dionne, played by Stacey Dash in the original.

According to Entertainment Weekly, however, all hope for a “Clueless” reboot is not yet lost, as CBS Studios is said to be “looking at new ways to approach the material” moving forward.

In an interview with Vogue to mark the 25th anniversary of “Clueless” last year, Silverstone said she initially found Cher Horowitz to be “materialistic”and “really annoying” when she first read the script.

“Once I started working on her I found all the heart and all the love,” she explained. “She loves her daddy so much! And she’s trying to be a supportive friend, so I just sorta put all of my love and heart into this character with these other aspects that were cringeworthy.”

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