'Alien Head' Dug Up In Croatian Graveyard Smells Like 'Male Perfume' (PHOTO)

Dig around in Polish or Bulgarian graveyards, and you might find a vampire. In Croatia, there's a chance you'll dig up a smelly "alien head."

Or at least that's what local mayor Ivan Stefic told Croatian tabloid Sata 24, according to the Croatian Times.

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croatian alien

Apparently, men doing some work in the graveyard found the knobby chunk of unidentified god-knows-what about a meter below the surface.

The so-called "alien head" reportedly has a rubbery texture and smells like men's cologne. If it were orange, it might make a compelling case for the interstellar origins of the Jersey Shore (Tau Ceti Township, exit 42 on the galactic turnpike), although that wouldn't count as intelligent life.

More likely, the "head" is probably some kind of industrial waste, or a chunk of weird-looking tree root, as blogger Henry Paterson suggested.

"Really, your options are Alien Head and Tree Root and you cannot think of a more rational explanation than Alien Head?" he wrote. "This object was found in a cemetery and tree roots buried in the ground can often have a spongy feel, especially if it is damp ground because they become saturated with water. Roots after all are a part of the system that transfers water from the ground to the body of the tree."



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