Man Pulled Over For Speeding Has 'E.T.' Riding Shotgun

E.T., drive home?

Officers in Alpharetta, Georgia, were a little spaced out when they pulled over a car for speeding Sunday afternoon.

When the cops walked up to the passenger window, they noticed something out of this world riding shotgun: a human-size alien doll.

The car was clocked at 84 mph, so it’s a good thing the E.T. was wearing a seatbelt, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The driver never did explain to officers who or what his mysterious passenger was doing in his car, but he did let the police take pics, according to

One possible theory: Alpharetta is about 6 miles from Roswell, Georgia, which the E.T. may have confused with Roswell, New Mexico, which will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of its legendary UFO crash starting Thursday.

The department posted photos of the alien doll were posted on their Facebook page Sunday:

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