Aligning Your Goals and Actions

My intention here is to offer a step-by-step process that may assist you and others in more consistently taking actions to support the manifestation of your goals.
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Here's a question from a reader about aligning goals and actions:

As a rule, I'm very clear about my goals and committed to taking the steps necessary to achieve them. But I've recently become aware that my actions don't always support my goals, and I'm very curious to get your insights on this. Specifically, I'd like to know if you can suggest a process for helping me to be more consistent in taking action to support my goals.

I love this question, and I'm so glad you asked it! Based on my personal experience and on experiences shared by clients and others, I can say that there are definitely times when our actions don't fully support or align with our goals.

There are various reasons for this, for example, related to subconscious or irrational thoughts and beliefs that are not aligned with and block or slow down the manifestation of certain goals. However, in exposing and sharing this powerful realization that your actions do not appear to always support your goals, you've just taken an empowered first step toward achieving them. Therefore, my intention here is to move straight into offering a step-by-step process that may assist you and others in more consistently taking actions to support the manifestation of your goals.

Aligning Your Goals and Actions

To assist you in taking actions that support your goals, follow this simple process:

  1. Step 1: Write down your goal

Write down your goal or intention. Use the "I am" format. For example, "I am easily maintaining my healthy, thin, toned, strong, flexible, and beautiful body." Or, "I am always saving 5 to 10 percent of my monthly income and watching it grow and grow." Or, "I am in a mutually loving, supportive, and compatible partnership, and we are so happy to be together," etc.

  • Step 2: Write down your "my goal is happening now" story
  • At your computer or on paper, write in the present tense and tell the story of how it looks and feels as you are now experiencing your goal fully manifested. Use strong and colorful details, nouns, adjectives, etc., to make this as real as possible. This may take 5-20 minutes and be a few pages in length, but take as long as you like. This is your living vision!

  • Step 3: 32 days of practice
  • A) Read and state aloud your goal from step 1, once a day, for 32 days.

    B) Read and speak aloud your "my goal is happening now" story, once a day, for 32 days.

    You can do both parts A and B consecutively, reading your "I am" statement, followed by your "my goal is happening now" story -- reading them both aloud.

    Note: You can read aloud while walking, too, which may further imprint your goal into the physical realm. I sometimes do this in my home or yard! It's powerful to read aloud; however, if you're in a place where you don't feel comfortable doing that, it's fine to read them to yourself.

  • Step 4: Inspired actions
  • During this 32-day period, commit to taking one to five or more action steps each week in support of manifesting and experiencing your goal.

    You may find that a daily "to-do" list is supportive, and you may also notice receiving inspired ideas for actions that you might not have had on your list.

    Additionally, be conscious of and open to external support of your goal from other people and other resources.

  • Step 5: Notice alignment
  • As you follow steps 1-4, notice whether you are taking actions that align with and support your goal(s). Are you experiencing more alignment? Is it any easier to act upon your goals? Are you receiving support from others that directly or indirectly supports your goals? If so, acknowledge yourself for being aware of this and for your steadfast commitment to your well-being.

    If you find that your actions are sometimes not lining up to support your goals, you may want to buddy up with a good friend who is also interested in manifesting their own specific goals, and both do the process, checking in weekly and supporting each other to completion. If you think you need further support, consider enlisting the support of a life coach to support your success in reaching your specific goals.

    Mastering Your Life

    Remember, by simply being aware that your actions are not supporting your goal, you've taken the first step in moving closer to and experiencing your goal.

    Can you think of any areas in your life where your actions don't appear to be supporting your goals? If so, decide if you wish to change the goal or your actions, and then follow this five-step process to completion.

    If you miss a day or feel discouraged at any point, practice self-forgiveness and start fresh. Refer to my column on self-forgiveness for the steps.

    Your goal may manifest sooner than 32 days. If so, move onto the next goal. Also, you can have several goals going at once; it's up to you.

    You're here to fulfill your life purpose, which is a path made up of many mini-goals. The discipline required for your self-care and the expression of your full potential becomes inspiring and even fun when you realize that that's why you're here and why you're alive! May you experience more ease in engaging in actions that align with and support your important life goals.

    Your Life Coach,

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