Man's Happy Dance After Last Alimony Payment Is A Thing Of Beauty

What's a guy to do after he's made his very last alimony payment at the bank? If you're Memphis divorcé Ed Smith, you get down with your bad self and start break-dancing right there on the bank floor.

In a video that's drawn more than 416,000 views since it was posted late last month, the 52-year-old bursts out in song while waiting to pay off the very last of his $10,000 alimony obligation at a local Bank of America branch.

“Thank you, Jesus! I’m free at last, free at last!” Smith exclaims before his dancing begins. While his moonwalk technique may be questionable, his energy is totally infectious.

"Woo! I'm done," the giddy insurance agent shouts mid-dance. "I'm break-dancing, baby! $10,000. Michael Jackson! Woo!"

Smith, who posted the video to YouTube himself, told the New York Daily News he agreed to pay his ex-wife $825 a month for a year since she wasn't working when they split. They'd been together 12 years and had no children.

Smith said that working 60-hours a week to make those monthly installments was a "real struggle," but that ultimately, it taught him a lot about personal savings. He even called his ex-wife to thank her for teaching him the lessons.

"I said I know now that I can save $10,000 a year and maybe more," he said. "In this country we don't save our money. I should have been a millionaire by now and it's my fault."

Smith has a little ways to go until he's completely off the hook, though. According to the Daily News, he's still obligated to pay his ex-wife's utilities, phone and cable for another month and her car and insurance for another year.

Here's hoping his last obligated visit to the bank includes an equally hilarious song and dance.

Keep on keepin' on, Ed.

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