Trump Lawyer Blasted For Demand That DOJ Release Mar-A-Lago Warrant Witnesses' Names

The Justice Department will reveal the names only if it presses criminal charges against Trump so that the cooperation of other witnesses isn't jeopardized.

Donald Trump attorney Alina Habba came under fire on Tuesday after she demanded that the Department of Justice go against protocol and release the names of the witnesses who helped secure the warrant for the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago last week.

During an interview on the right-wing media outlet Newsmax, Habba said she and her client wanted the Justice Department “to uncover everything so that we can see what is going on.”

Habba said she understood “the witness protection issue” but warned that “these witnesses are truly not going to be concealed for very long.”

She added: “It’s in the best interest so that the country can get comfortable to see what the basis was, especially from someone who was cooperating.”

RawStory noted that the Justice Department will only reveal the witnesses if it decides to press criminal charges against Trump because doing so earlier could jeopardize cooperation from other potential witnesses.

You can hear Habba make her case below.

Habba was lambasted by Twitter users, many of whom explained why she should have never made the demand.

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