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PHOTOS: Grant Achatz's Food At Alinea In Chicago, New Best Restaurant In U.S.


Restaurant magazine's annual "San Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants" rankings have been announced, and Grant Achatz's Chicago restaurant Alinea has shot up the list in a big way. Alinea, previously #10 on the list, is now #7, but more interestingly has garnered the top American spot overall. And just two weeks ago Alinea was named the best restaurant in Chicago, ever.

From Restaurant magazine's description of Alinea:

"Alinea is a chef driven restaurant - we live and die by the work, cuisine and vision of Grant Achatz". That is the view of Grant's Business partner in Alinea.

Judging by our Academy's opinions, the Chicago staff of Alinea can rest assured their lives are in safe hands with Achatz at the helm. And you'll know why if you ever get to try dishes such as the all American peanut butter and jelly sandwich, served with bread wrapped round a grape on a specially made spike.

This is arguably the most cutting edge food in America.

To see what cutting edge food Grant Achatz has been creating at Alinea, see the photos of some of Alinea's signature courses below, (from Flickr users xmatt and Jing a Ling through Creative Commons), with apologies to Grant Achatz and the staff of Alinea, who find the photographing of every course served a little bit of a drag). For a more complete collection, plus the recipes, check out the beautiful Alinea book, or Carol Blymire's Alinea At Home project (she of The French Laundry at Home, previously).

Photos form Flickr user xmatt and Jing a Ling through Creative Commons.

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