Alini Brito And Cindy Mauro, Teachers Fired Over Lesbian Scandal, File Lawsuits

As James Madison High School students sat watching a school assembly in November, 2009, teachers Alini Brito and Cindy Mauro were allegedly engaging in a lesbian romp in a classroom. The interlude was broken up when janitors opened the door and discovered the pair.

The teachers, who were fired over the affair, have a very different account of the encounter. According to Brito, a diabetic, she was suffering from a bout of low blood sugar when her co-worker administered aid, the New York Post reports.

According to the Post,

"Upon immediately entering the classroom, Brito's knees buckled, at which point Brito laid down off to the right but at the foot of the classroom door. Mauro assisted Brito by placing Brito's sweater under her head and elevated her legs in a chair. Mauro also obtained a couple of suger packets from her desk and gave them to Brito," the petition says.

Brito has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court and is hoping to get her job back.

Cindy Mauro, the second teacher involved in the scandal, also plans to sue.

Brito says that a crucial piece of evidence in the case -- the video surveillance tape, which was destroyed by the school -- would help her prove her innocence. According to NY Daily News, Brito claims the video shows that the two custodians who claim to have witnessed the sex acts never even opened the door.

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