Internet Helps Fulfill Girl's Bucket List, Which Included A 'Kiss' From Channing Tatum

Internet Helps Fulfill Girl's Bucket List, Which Included A 'Kiss' From Channing Tatum

When a teenager with terminal brain cancer created an ambitious "bucket list," the Internet decided to help her make it happen.

Alisa Finley, an 18-year-old high school senior from Colby, Kansas, has been diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. Despite a bleak prognosis and being placed in hospice care, Finley is focused on living life to the fullest and accomplishing as much as she can. In this spirit, she put together a "bucket list" of things she wants to experience, and, incredibly, thousands of people (including Channing Tatum) came together online to show their support.


Her bucket list consists of 48 items ranging from "walk on the great wall of China" to "throw a big party," and each item is either "in progress," "done" or waiting to be accomplished.

After seeing the list posted online, people began to help by sending donations, showing their support and even taking pictures from all over the world with signs for Finley.

Like this one from London:


And these from New York:


The No. 1 item on Finley's list is "Kiss Channing Tatum." Recently, Tatum himself sent her this video with a virtual smooch included:

However, Finley doesn't seem to be settling for a virtual kiss (smart girl), and the list currently marks the Tatum item as "almost done." Maybe she's holding out for the real thing?

Here are some items she has marked off:

Go to Europe -- DONE


Try every cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory -- DONE

cheese cake

Pie war -- DONE

pie war

Have a guy sing to me -- DONE


Kayla Lawson, the head admin and co-creator of the "Alisa's Butterflies" Facebook page, told The Huffington Post, "I think what made her cause so special is that she never once wanted to give up. She's showing strength in her darkest time. Alisa is showing not just America but the entire world that you should always chase your dreams no matter the circumstance and that nobody fights alone."

Want to help Alisa Finley complete all 48 items? Visit this page to keep track and see how you can help!

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