Alison Brie On WTF Podcast: 'I Know There's Gotta Be Some Naked Photos Somewhere'

Alison Brie, best known as Trudy Campbell from "Mad Men" and Annie Edison from "Community," has never struck us as shy. From showing off her rap skills to writing about hooking up with a gay friend, the 30-year-old actress comes across as incredibly outgoing and comfortable with herself. So we weren't surprised when her conversation with Marc Maron on the WTF podcast turned to the subject of nudity.

In the interview, Brie explains that her college, CalArts, was pretty much clothing-optional ("except the cafeteria") and she had no problem stripping down to make her friends laugh: "I would like put on a pair of tennis shoes and that's it. And then like go run outside," she says. "And like we had a room that was on the first floor of the dorms, so I would like run by our big window and like swing from the tree ... not like attractive nudity."

Later in the podcast, she says it's definitely possible that nude pictures of her will be leaked: "I'm like, 'I know there's gotta be some naked photos somewhere.' I just keep waiting for them to surface," she says, adding that it probably wouldn't be a big deal. "I don't think that I present myself as like a person who's never taken naked photos. I'm more like, 'Maybe I did and I don't totally remember.'"

Well, actually, as she reveals to Maron, she does remember:

This is post-college, but I know that naked photos exist of me from like this trip with friends to Lake Tahoe ... it was snowing, and again just more for humor ... [I] would like take off all my clothes and go run outside and be like a little wood nymph and then like get on a weird exercise machine ... I feel like if those photos got out there, I would have to then release other nude photos to be like, "No, wait ... see, no, actually when I'm trying to look good naked, I could.

This is hardly the first time Brie has addressed this topic. In an appearance on "Conan" in May 2012, she compared herself to a "naked monkey." And back in February 2010, she told Complex, "I'm definitely not a modest person, so I think that probably started before college. I think I always had that weird naked instinct, like it never left me from when I was a little baby."

She did, however, tell Esquire in April 2013 that she loves her agents "because they don't ever want me to do nudity."

To listen to the full interview with Brie, visit the WTF podcast site.

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