Alison Brierley, Pregnant Woman, Develops Craving For Roadkill

Pregnant And Craving Roadkill

We've heard our share of weird pregnancy cravings, but this one probably takes the cake (and pickles).

A British artist, taxidermist and mommy-to-be has been satisfying her craving for roadkill by eating animals such as pigeons, owls, deer and more, according to Metro UK.

"I get the best meat from friends who ring me up to tell me about a kill they've spotted on their way to work," Alison Brierley told Metro.

Brierley told the Daily Mail that she's eaten roadkill before, but her cravings for it increased dramatically when she became pregnant. She even knows the best routes to pick up dinner.

"The best road round here is the A61 to Ripon, it's definitely the most fruitful," she told the Daily Mail. "But most of my foraging is opportunistic and I don't go out looking for carcasses."

The reason behind the strange cravings? There are several theories, according to Parents Magazine.

The affinity for certain foods can be attributed to hormonal changes similar to those women experience during menstrual cycles, or the body's need to consume certain vitamins and minerals that can be found in the foods you're craving, Parents reports.

Celebrity Hilary Duff recently shared her odd pregnancy craving on "Good Morning America," and while it's definitely not as strange as roadkill (no judgment), we understand her surprise.

"I'm always up for red hots, which is so weird because I've never liked them before," Duff said. "Thank god it isn't fried and covered in butter."

It turns out even pop diva Beyonce also has a weird pregnancy craving: ketchup. The star told the New Zealand Herald she's never liked the stuff, but that now she wants it on almost everything.

"Breakfast, lunch or dinner - I need to have a bottle of ketchup close to hand," she told the Herald.

Did you have any weird cravings while you were expecting? Tell us in the comments section below.