Alison Sweeney Interview: She Reveals Her Radiant Life

Alison Sweeny began performing in front of the camera beginning when she was a mere child winning roles in episodes of Tales of the Darkside and being cast in a television show and a Disney miniseries. In 1993 Alison began playing the role of Samantha Brady on the NBC daytime drama Days of our Lives in which she became best known for. After her own public weight loss struggles, in 2007 Alison was asked to join the show The Biggest Loser as it's host.

Alison has been very busy juggling a full life of family and a demanding career. In 2014 Alison bid farewell to Days of our Lives. She traded the role as Sami, that she made and love, in order to have more time to spend in her biggest role as mom with her most loved productions, her daughter Megan and son Benjamin.

Image courtesy of Arm & Hammer

Alison Sweeney is Radiant

Fans have watched Alison go through life's every day journeys as she grew from sweet 16 into the woman she is today. Sweeney is now the sparkling face of Arm & Hammer Oral Care. She is working hard paying her beautiful smile forward as a way to show woman the importance of maintaining their own healthy and lovely smiles through proper dental care. With her healthy lifestyle in check, and a happy family, Alison Sweeny has become a strong inspirational role model for women to follow.

Carol Ruth Weber:
After appearing in a celebrity episode of the NBC reality game show Fear Factor and as host of The Biggest Loser how do you feel about reality TV? Are there reality TV shows that you think cross the line and should not continue to be produced?"

Alison Sweeney: I am still a fan of so many shows such as Survivor and Amazing Race. I would love to be asked to participate on Amazing Race as well. Good TV rises to the top while the bad shows sink to the bottom. I also enjoy Netflix which allows for new types of TV shows that travel outside the norm.

CRW: What made you realize that you wanted to start on a healthier path and looking back do you see triggers from your childhood? How did you finally take off extra weight and keep it off?

AS: Changing my mind from wanting to be skinny, like the fashion models, to getting healthy turned a negative lifestyle into a positive winning lifestyle. The Biggest Loser gave me inspiration and taught me tips to keep me going to stay in a healthy mindset and direction. Every choice one makes should be to be healthy. When saying one is on a diet they are putting an end to their goal. Instead of diet people need a change in their lifestyle in order to be healthy.

CRW: How did you end up partnering with Arm & Hammer to promote a healthy smile?

AS: A smile is very important. It is the first impression that you make when meeting people. A radiant smile makes me feel good about myself when taking photos with fans and my children. The Truly Radiant oral care products help maintain healthy teeth that are stronger, cleaner and whiter allowing for a wonderful smile.

CRW: Along with maintaining a healthy body, a healthy smile can get one a long way. How has a healthy smile helped you in life?

AS: A healthy smile is such an important daily routine to maintain. A smile gives confidence and allows for someone's inner radiance to shine. People who feel confident about their smile project onto others and let it shine through.

CRW: What is the one tip you would give someone looking to add some radiance to his or her life and what tips do you have for people attempting to get through balancing work, family and other issues in order to go forward in life?

AS: My tip for everyone is to take care of yourself. It is very important to add to a bright smile, eating right, taking me time such as indulging in seeing a movie, and to make sure to get the proper enough sleep. You need to be a good caretaker of your own life and body.

CRW: Before first becoming a mom in 2005 your first birth could be said to be the 2004 release of the book, All The Days of My Life (So Far). What led you to writing the book that brings people inside of your personal life revealing some unhappy moments along with struggling to maintain a healthy weight?

AS: I loved writing and was thrilled when my first book was published. Since then there have been more books. I am happy to share my story and struggles with readers. It is very important for people to share their stories in order to allow for people to confide in each other and learn from others. As a new mom I wrote the Mommy Diet as a way to bond and to share with other moms, and to help open up a dialog for other moms to share their knowledge.

CRW: What are your life's passions beyond obviously your children?

AS: Challenging myself! Working towards the next adventure by giving everything I have to reaching a new set of goals.

It is wonderful to hear from someone who is so open to using her own life's experiences to help and encourage others. Alison Sweeney proves to be a strong woman with a truly radiant smile. She is a wonderful role model for anyone struggling with their own issues in life. Follow Alison's lead, get out on the floor and never be afraid to dance.

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