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Alison Whelan Claims To Be Jack Sparrow, Steals Ferry In England

Woman Claims She's Jack Sparrow, Steals Ferry

Yo ho ho and a little too much rum.

Alison Whelan, 51, who reportedly hijacked a ferry while yelling at police officers that she was Jack Sparrow, has been jailed.

Whelan was on a two-day bender near a harbor in Devon, England last September when she called emergency services and said she thought she was having a seizure, according to the Sun.

Paramedics arrived to find Whelan and her friend, Tristam Locke, aboard a moored 45-foot passenger ferry, the Telegraph reports. Two technicians attempted to board the vessel, but Locke became violent, and the medics opted to wait on shore until police showed up.

Whelan then began untying the boat and as it drifted away, witnesses say they heard her shouting "I'm a pirate" and "I'm Jack Sparrow."

Whelan was not only drunk, the BBC reports, but had also been eating deadly nightshade -- a poisonous hallucinogenic plant.

The ferry promptly began crashing into other boats in the harbor, and ultimately caused thousands of British pounds worth of damage.

Authorities ultimately caught up to the stolen vessel about a mile away. Whelan told officials that she "would have ended up in St. Tropez" if they hadn't caught her.

On Wednesday, Whelan pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle theft and was sentenced to 122 days in prison.

Last year, Locke was fined £100 for assaulting the ambulance technician.

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