All 100+ Lies Team Trump Has Told About Russia: Chronologically

We’re going to reveal every Team Trump lie told about Russia in chronological order.
We’re going to reveal every Team Trump lie told about Russia in chronological order.

In the days prior to the 2016 Republican Convention, the US Intelligence community revealed Russian hackers had infiltrated the computer networks of the Democratic National Committee. And speculation mounted of coordination with the the Donald Trump campaign.

When Paul Manafort, then the Campaign Chair, told George Stephanopolous (ABC) on July 24th, 2016 that there were no ties between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin’s regime, that was a lie. In fact, it was actually the first time Team Trump lied about their relationship and contacts with Russia.

And we know it’s a lie, because of subsequent reporting. Because we now know that back on July 24th, there were things about Russian contacts that had not yet been revealed to the American people that Manafort knew about the Trump campaign.

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Things he, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr, Carter Page, George Popadopolous, Reince Prebius, Kellyanne Conway, and Sean Spicer, kept a secret.

By July 24th, Donald Trump Jr. had already met with that Russian lawyer at Trump Tower about getting dirt on Hillary Clinton — a meeting that Paul Manafort himself attended.

Prior to July 24th, Donald Trump Jr had also secretly met with a Russian banker with ties to Vladimir Putin at the NRA Convention in Kentucky. Plus, George Papadopolous had already had two meetings with a British educator with ties to Vladimir Putin as well as a woman introduced as Vladimir Putin’s niece, who was really a Russian spy.

I counted nearly 100 lies told by Team Trump between Mid-2016 and late 2017 about their relationship and contact with Russia on TV, on Twitter and to the print media. This, despite the fact that Donald Trump has said “Russia is a ruse” more times than he’s yelled “Eric, bring me a diet coke.”

The question that needs to be answered is: Why hasn’t Melania alerted police to her kidnapping?

Well, that and why did Trump’s team lie nearly 100 times -- that I found, and probably more? Is it because Trump owes Russia, it’s oligarchs or banks Russia controls billions of dollars? Is Trump being blackmailed because the Russians have a video of him with prostitutes? Or worse, video of him dancing at his housekeeper’s daughter’s Quincinera? That would be bad for Trump. You know, ‘cause he hates Mexicans.

Or, Did Trump agree to eliminate economic sanctions against Russia in exchange for their help to win the presidency? That’s what I believe.

If you want to see more of the Trump Team lies, I’ll post 5 new ones every Monday and 5 more new ones on Thursday. At that rate, it’ll take me two months to get them all out. Hopefully Robert Mueller will release his findings… and I won’t have to post all 100. But I will. I’m prepared to do it.

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