All Aboard... The Post-College Commute

Four minutes to catch my train... I'm stuck behind a school bus... trapped... in suburbia. Ahhh...

Since graduating college, I have been commuting from home into NYC by train. My hop, skip and jump across campus to class is no more. The 8:01am to Penn waits for no one. Neither does the 6:20 home. Commuting into NYC is an adventure unto itself. New monthly pass - oops, forgot to buy one! Do I have enough money on my MetroCard?! balance. Arriving at work with seconds to spare...

Jumping on the NYC bound train, I scramble to find a seat and fling my backpack to the floor. I catch up on reading material that I do not have time for during the day. My fellow passengers fall into several distinct categories: There's a group that snaps open their computers, diligently catching up on work. Some distracted passengers find comfort in their coffee. The majority are soothed by their cell phones. And the rest, well... simply fall asleep. Returning home, the sense of restlessness to reach one's destination is in the air. No coffee cups, less reading, and the low battery warning on the cellphones make for a squirmy ride home.

Socially, train travel reacquainted me with several of my high school classmates. We enjoy talking and catching up. Since most of my close friends have moved to other States, I now ride with their parents.

Going out in Manhattan during the week is virtually impossible. I can squeeze in a Thursday night, or surf the occasional couch. But, really, I just want to come home.

In the morning, there is no going back for that scarf or umbrella. Shove that banana in your backpack -- you're out the door. The rail life awaits.

I would eventually like to move into the City as soon as I am financially solvent (is that realistic?). But, living at home does have its advantages. Hooray! Food in the fridge! (Pot pie, leftovers, pot pie, leftovers...) No empty beer bottles in the bathroom and no empty body wash -- I certainly kiss the ground for that! No escape from mom and dad, but, hey, they have no escape from me either.

As I haul my backpack to catch that elusive train, I sympathetically eye the conductor. Please wait for me! But, alas, my sad puppy dog eyes hold no sway over the timetable-dependent choo-choo.

Missed the train! Ugh! That's ok... I'll take the next one. And, besides...I charged my cellphone.

All aboard!