'All About Amy,' Samuel Centore Film, Engaged In Kickstarter

A compelling new documentary is currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of chronicling the life and experiences of a transgender taxi driver living rural upstate New York.

The subject of this short film is Amy, a mentor to two young transgender individuals whose stories were captured in a documentary previously featured on HuffPost Gay Voices titled "Passing Ellenville."

"All About Amy" will serve as the senior thesis for Pratt student Samuel Centore and aims to bring visibility to the strength and resilience of one transgender individual living in an economically depressed town.

"The short film examines what it's like being poor in rural America," Centore notes. "Losing a spouse to cancer, Amy was left broken -- both financially and emotionally -- in the town where she has spent her entire life. Although Amy has managed to keep a supportive relationship with her two kids through it all, the viewer is left to contemplate if a person's dreams are enough to get them through life despite a lack of financial support or community around them."

Interested in learning more about "All About Amy"? Head here to visit the project's Kickstarter campaign.



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